Photos and Video from the Folklore Festival!

That was certainly a unique cultural experience!

The two day Mykonos Folklore Festival 2018 was concluded with a great success!

Mykonos Folklore Festival 2018 Photos Video

In this well-organized festival, we had the opportunity to enjoy traditional dance moves from all over Greece and also the Lower parts of Italy!

Despite the strong wind lots of people gathered at the waterfront of Mykonos Town! They all watched and enjoyed the groups performing a fascinating music-dance recital!

On the first day, everybody enjoyed the Greek traditional dances and music!

On the second day, Tarantesys dancing group performed moves from Lower Italy revealing to us all how close are the traditions of Greek and Italian people.

Furthermore, the event was held under the auspices of the Municipality of Mykonos and as the Mayor Mr. Konstantinos Koukas stated:

«We had the opportunity to meet traditional dances from all over Greece and the Greek-speaking Lower Italy.

Many congratulations to the Cultural, Traditional and Dancing Association “The Windmills” (Οι Ανεμόμυλοι) for the flawless organization.

We renew our appointment for 2019!»

Mykoniatiki Veggera dance group

So in case you missed this unique event, don’t worry! Make your plans to join us next year!

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