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The story of Mykonos Traveller begins when a dedicated team of local professionals in the travel industry and digital marketing, sharing the same passion and also infinite love for Mykonos island, decided to develop an online platform where users can actually have one channel for information, planning and booking their travel experiences! Along with our thirst to reveal the island’s best-kept secrets, its most exceptional places, and our will to share them with everyone in the most comprehensive way, led us to the creation of!

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With up-to-date and exclusive information we cover everything you may need for the best understanding of the island! Find out things to see and do, how to move around or just how to fill up your time. Keep up with the latest news and trends through our official social media, newsletters, and blog posts! In addition, our locally-based team of professionals regularly updates our directory with new options for hotels, bars, restaurants, cruises, tours, yacht rentals, and much more! Our mission is to provide all visitors with a flawless experience focused on authenticity, personalization, and intimacy, that could only be offered by a local friend.

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