Panormos beach

One of the coziest and most relaxed sandy beaches!

Panormos beach is one of the coziest and most relaxed sandy beaches in Mykonos!

Located 7 kilometers in the North-east of Mykonos, you can get there by car, motorbike or taxi. There is also an infrequent bus service from the Old Port bus station – every two hours from Mykonos Town – but probably it is better to rely on your own transportation!

Panormos is perhaps one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Pale, soft sand with crystal clear waters and away from the busy beaches in the south.

It is situated in a protected bay and it is easy to go into the sea, because it is shallow, the bottom of the sea is sandy and there are no rocks. You can find the naturist part more towards the end of the beach. Also because Panormos beach is located in the north of the island, you are best off if you visit the beach during periods of southerly wind.

The centre of the beach is occupied by an upmarket and attractive beach bar-restaurant, with hippy chic bohemian vibes, where you”ll meet the most beautiful and trendy people on the island in a totally relaxed holiday mood.

There are also a couple of taverns around and few accommodation in the area, from economical apartments and mid-range hotels to luxury private villas.

Despite the upcoming popularity, there is still plenty of unspoilt beach remaining with no umbrellas and beachbeds. The beach is also nude bathing tolerant mostly at the far right end of it.

All in all, Panormos is a wonderful location and a beautiful beach.

Panormos beach, Mykonos, Greece
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