Mykonos Airport serves numerous international airlines and charter companies during summer season. During winter time there are only domestic airlines, primarily Aegean, Olympic and Ryanair.

Known for its picturesque view, beautiful sandy beaches and active night life, the small airport of Mykonos island invites over 850.000 passengers every year! The airport located 4 kilometers (check map) southeast of the main town serves many european and mid-east countries throughout the summer period.

Mykonos airport

At the arrival area of the airport you may find an ATM, shops, cafeteria, public phones and a post box. Also there is an office of the Mykonos Hoteliers Association, an Olympic Air office, an Aegean Airlines office and many car rental companies.

In the terminal building on the first floor there is a duty-free shop for departing passengers selling tobacco, spirits, perfumes, cosmetics, travel accessories and gift items.

Transportation from Mykonos airport

Mykonos airport

Many Mykonos hotels offer airport transfers, at rates that can be anything from free to more than a taxi. Best chance for a free transfer is when you book your room directly with the hotel. A transfer by your hotel is the easiest way to get to your hotel, so check with your hotel before arrival.

The transfer time from Chora to Mykonos airport is about 10 minutes. So, the probability of a person missing the target, while driving from the Mykonos town to the airport or vice versa, comes down to zero. Whilst the town and its harbor are perched on the western coast of the island, the airport is situated in the interior part of the region.

Mykonos Taxi

Taxis are usually waiting at the airport at the taxi rank opposite the terminal building (check map). If there is no taxi waiting, you can call at the radio taxi office. A taxi from Mykonos airport to town costs about 10-20€, a few euros more if you are carrying luggage.

Mykonos Public buses

During high season there is an infrequent public bus service from the airport to the southern bus terminal, Fabrika, in Mykonos Town. A bus ticket costs around 2€. The bus leaves the southern bus terminal (check map) in Mykonos Town at noon, and then is scheduled to go back from the airport half an hour later. As the schedule changes every two weeks those times might change a little. It is not really worth waiting around for a bus unless it is already there. This bus service is not useful if you have to go to the old or new port.

Keep in mind that due to Greek rules and regulations the number of taxis are extremely limited on islands. The number of taxis is a derivation of the number of people living here. Mykonos with around 10.000 people has just 30 Taxis. At the airport there is no chance for a Taxi during the peak of the season. Always pre-book a transfer before arrival.

Mykonos airport information

Mykonos airport

Mykonos National Airport, Mykonos Island, GREECE
Address: Mykonos 846 00
Code: JMK
Elevation: 123 m
Yearly aircraft movements: 10,128
Passenger count: 876,057

Airport: time-zone GMT+2
Tel: +30 22890 22327 or 22890 79001
Fax: +30 22890 25890
Police Station Tel: +30 22890 79006
Olympic Airways S.A Tel: +302289022327
Aegean Airlines Tel : +30 2289028720-7