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The successful presence of any business online depends on finding the right target audience. Our experienced team locates and targets your audience of interest by combining content marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, and online advertising to help you grow your online presence and connect with the right people!

How it Works

Taking advantage of modern technologies and the web, brings to travellers a complete portfolio of useful tourist information, services, and products, acts as a sales tool by providing direct links to online booking engines, and contributes to the creation and development of online communities and campaigns in social media.

Mykonos Traveller - Travel Guide for Mykonos island

It represents a unique product for the destination of Mykonos island providing travellers with:

Local Knowledge

Mykonos Traveller is a unique source of reliable and up to date information about Mykonos and the experiences offered.

Services and Products

It provides a full index with services and products for accommodation, restaurants, night bars, activities, tours, etc.

Planning and Booking

It offers travellers the right tools to make direct bookings and fully personalize their travel plan.

Help and Support

Our team is next to every travellers and potential visitor of the island, trying to meet any need.

What we offer to professionals, offers unlimited possibilities for all businesses in Mykonos island. For example:

Listing on our travel guide
Mykonos Traveller’s guide is a feature we provide to our users, where we showcase all available activities, services, and businesses in Mykonos island. In this context, we offer fully customized options for your business listing with many benefits and at a low cost. Make it easy for travellers to contact you directly by including your hotel website, phone, email address, or booking engine — on Earn instantly with your premium business listing:

New Marketing and Sales Channel of highly qualified travellers
Targeted promotion to travellers searching for similar services in your area.
A fully SEO optimized page of your business in Google results!
High Quality Traffic to your website and social media pages!
Connection of your booking engine with!
Increasement of your online brand awareness!

Social media promotion & Ads
It’s a fact that social media channels are used by millions of users every day, making them a valuable tool for any business that wants to communicate a product or service, both on its own business page and through third-party sites like In this context, our experienced team creates eye-catching social media posts for your business, with photos and captions based on the most popular trends. For the best possible result we advertise through Facebook & Instagram Ads your post, to a qualified audience interested in similar services and products available in Mykonos.

High Quality Content Creation / Post based on your niche
Each Post will include CTA’s that will depend on your goals
Highly Engaging Hashtags
Create & setup ad campaign
Target Audience by demographics, interests or behaviours
Manual or auto bid
Manual Ad placement

Sponsored blog posts
As part of our marketing strategy in we regularly publish on its blog, rich content and media for Mykonos island in order to attract all web users with a genuine interest in this particular destination. In this context, we provide businesses with the ideal link to the audience they should be addressed through a fully SEO optimized article that best describes the experience of your services or what makes your products unique. Furthermore, we’ll share this blog post to our Social Media Channels, and boost it with Facebook & Instagram Ads for at least 15 days making sure it gets the right amount of attention, to the people that interest you most.

An interesting e-mail subject line to get your message read
A persuasive message (300-500 words) that builds trust
A call to action that converts
Drive traffic (as the content is SEO friendly)
Showcase your expertise in your field
Increase sales for products or services
Increase your ranking on search engines

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