There’s so much that gay Mykonos offers! Lavish hotels, incredible nightlife, excellent restaurants and fantastic things to do.

For more than 50 years now, gays and lesbians have enjoyed memorable holidays on the fun, gay Mykonos island. If you are wondering what gay people usually do in Mykonos, here are some suggestions.

A Perfect Holiday Destination


Gay Mykonos

Who doesn’t love the Mediterranean summer sun, idyllic beaches, and fun lively nightlife? We’re proud that Mykonos has embraced it all. It’s all especially embraced by gay holidaymakers from around the globe. There’s a good reason Mykonos has earned its reputation for being such a great gay-friendly place to be on holiday.

Mykonos is a great escape no matter which month you choose to visit. But be aware that Mykonos becomes less busy and gay outside its high season, which runs from approximately the end of May until the mid of September.

Gay Mykonos

Many restaurants, hotels, and other establishments shut their doors until the following May, so be warned. It’s also important to note that gay Mykonos becomes a markedly older place outside of the high season.

How it got popular

It was Jackie Onassis who put Gay Mykonos on the gay travel map back in the ’70s. She was frequently visiting the island, making it chic, and the gay boys followed. Over the years, more and more gays visited Mykonos, giving rise to more and more hotels and guesthouses that catered to the gay market.

Mykonos pierros bar

Despite being in an orthodox Christian country, Mykonos eventually embraced their big-spending gay and lesbian visitors! Nowadays most of the island’s holiday accommodation is at least gay-friendly. The locals are generally warm and welcoming, and thanks to decades of gay tourism, they are pretty open-minded and suffer from fewer sexual inhibitions.

Gay Mykonos Hotels


Mykonos is home to literally dozens of establishments that are either gay exclusive or gay friendly! Elysium hotel is without a doubt the best-known, about a 10-minute walk up the hill from the center of Mykonos’ main town.

Gay Mykonos

There is a large diversity of gay events and shows that take place especially in sunset at this hotel. Other exclusively-gay establishments are also located in or near the Mykonos Town. Check all gay exclusive hotels here and all gay friendly accommodation here

Mykonos Gay Bars and Clubs

Mykonos Gay Bar

In addition to special parties that happen almost nightly during “high season,” Mykonos is home to several “permanent” gay nightspots, which vary greatly in terms of who you’ll find there and what happens there.

Mykonos Gay Bar

Specifically, you can always count on a crowd at four venues: The Piano Bar, Kastro bar, Jackie O’s and Babylon. Check all gay bars and clubs here

Mykonos Gay Beaches


Since all of Mykonos is relatively gay, it won’t come as a shock that most of all of its beaches are at least partially gay and it isn’t uncommon to spot gays cruising or swimming naked along random stretches of sand or rock. Check all Mykonos beaches here

Mykonos Gay Beach Bar Jackie O

Although, the most popular gay beaches both inside and outside of the high season are Elia Beach and Super Paradise beach!

Super Paradise Beach (Plintri)

It’s Mykonos’ most famous beach and one of the areas that attract the most gay people. Despite the heavenly setting, don’t come here for a peaceful day! Music blares from huge loud speakers and the beach partying often continues all day long. The right side of the beach is mostly preferred by gay couples, lesbians and straight people. Read more details here

Mykonos Gay Beach Super Paradise

Elia Beach

Elia is an upcoming gay beach which became really famous the past few years! Most gay guys are gathered on the left side of the beach because the rocks from that side is a cruising area. Read more details here

Mykonos Gay Events

Elysium Sunset Cabaret Parties

Elysium Sunset Cabaret Parties

Each time the benchmark and meetings throughout the island is at Sunset Parties at the pool of Elysium Sunset Bar. An indulging spot to enjoy the astonishing view, in the most exclusive gay hotel in Mykonos island.

Elysium Sunset Cabaret Parties

The excellent cocktail, the sun sets and the live performances create the perfect combination which you can live only in the pool of Elysium.

XLSIOR Mykonos

XLSIOR Mykonos, is the summer’s hottest international gay festival! With a strong global dimension, the Festival is welcoming more than 30.000 Gay travellers from all over the world. Their motto speaks for itself: “A different exciting experience every year.”

XLSIOR Mykonos Gay festival

Launched back in 2009, XLSIOR’s founder Anastasios Kapetanias created this festival to become a getaway vacation.

Hosting some of the most major artists in the gay circuit scene, XLSIOR brings you the “crème de la crème” of the gay world. Marking an unforgettable experience with the careful selection of its open-air and outdoor breathtaking venues.

Many beautiful faces, many smiles. Lots of love, in a mind blowing setting with the best beats from all around the world. Thats what XLSIOR festival it’s all about!

So that’s our short roundup of what gay Mykonos is about! A great time to have on one of the most beautiful islands in the world!

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