Super Paradise Beach

The most beautiful and busiest beach on the island!

Super Paradise beach is the most famous and beautiful beach of Mykonos island!

Located 7 kilometers in the south of Mykonos Town, you can get to Super Paradise beach by catching a private bus from Chora (from old port station). Visitors can also reach the beach by car or motorbike and as well as by water taxi leaving from Platis Gialos beach.

It is large, with sand, a clear blue, sea that deepens abruptly, great crowds and its own seating plan. The gays on the right, the fashionable socialites on the left and the tourists in the middle. You will meet rising TV stars here, models, second-grade actors, various second rate socialites, paparazzi, lots of youngsters and, naturally, many nudists at the rocky paths and coves.

On the beach you can find the famous Super Paradise beach bar and as well the gay exclusive Jackie O’ Beach club (including a restaurant, bar and events). The bars start to party from 17:00p.m. till early in the morning next day!

Note that because of its popularity, in high season (August) there are just not enough parasols and grains of sand to accommodate all the people that visit this beach. You will probably have to walk around for half an hour looking for a spot where you can put your towel or for a vacant sun bed!

Super Paradise is definetely for everyone who wants to have fun in the sun, on the most beautiful, alternative and anti-conformist beach, ever existed!

Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos, Greece
Super Paradise Area 846 00
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