Getting Around Mykonos is pretty easy, either by bus, taxi, car, scooter, ATV, water taxi or foot.

With a length of 12 to 15 km and a width of 10km, Mykonos is one of the smallest of the Cyclades islands. Here are some tips on the best ways of how to move around on Mykonos island, plus how to use public transportation such as buses and taxis.

Getting around Mykonos by foot

Getting around Mykonos town (Chora)
(Photo credit: Nikos Varsamis)

When the Greek government proclaimed​ Mykonos Chora (town) as an architectural landmark, they prohibited motorized traffic on its streets. Only a few small delivery vehicles are still allowed. So the only way to get around the town is to walk. The streets might be convoluted, but getting lost in them is part of the fun. Area residents are friendly enough to point you in the right direction if you need help. We suggest letting the sea breeze blow you through the tiny alleys and avenues.

Getting around Mykonos by bus

Getting around Mykonos by bus

There is a bus network that takes you around the island. There are two bus stations in Mykonos Town, each on different sides of Mykonos Town.

From the main southern bus station of Fabrica (map here), you can take the bus to Platis Gialos (every half hour), Paraga (every hour), Paradise (every half hour), Ornos and Agios Ioannis. There are also night buses from Mykonos to Platis Gialos and Paradise leaving every hour.

From the northern bus station (map here) at the old port ferry quay, you can take the bus to Ano Mera, Elia (departing at 11AM, noon, 2PM, 4PM, 6PM and 7PM, returning 30 minutes later), Panormos and Kalafatis.

You can find the departure times marked at the two bus stations and the end of the bus routes. Bus schedules change a bit about every two weeks. Frequencies of buses are higher in high season.

There is no bus connection between the two bus stations. From one bus station to the other will take about 20 minutes of walking through the streets of Mykonos Town.

Bus tickets

It is possible to buy your bus ticket from the bus driver (have exact change ready), but you can also buy your bus tickets before boarding the bus. You can buy your bus tickets in advance from a vending machine (euro coins necessary) and also at kiosks, mini-markets and tourist shops. Although there are no return tickets available. For a return trip, you simply need two single tickets. Hand over your ticket to the bus driver and he will “validate” it by simply tearing your ticket. Don’t be surprised if a man that is already on the bus near the bus driver will check your “validated” ticket a few minutes later. Even though your ticket is just torn and not stamped, he will inspect your ticket thoroughly, looking for counterfeited tickets.

Getting around Mykonos by taxi

Mykonos Taxi

On the entire island, there are only about 30 taxis, which means that depending on taxis for transport can be an exercise of great patience. In Mykonos Town the main taxi stand is behind Cosmote building, in the north entrance of Mykonos Town (map here). There is also a second taxi stand next to the southern bus station (map here) but taxis are going there less frequently! In both stands, you probably have to wait in line and in the peak of the summer sometimes for hours. In the evening it can be very difficult to find a taxi. Taxis do use meters, but there’s also a notice board giving rates for each destination. Calling for a radio taxi costs extra. Contact telephone numbers are 00302289022400 and 00302289023700.

Getting around Mykonos by water taxi

Mykonos water taxi boat

The Platis Gialos Boat Service provides a good and fun way of getting to the southern beaches of Mykonos.

  • From Platis Gialos small fishing boats converted into tourist transport (water taxis) leave every hour or less to the beaches of Paranga, Paradise, Super Paradise, Agrari and Elia. First departure is at 10:20AM every hour. Last return to Platis Gialos from Elia at 17:45PM and from Super Paradise at 18:00PM.
  • From Ornos boats leave for the beaches of Platis Gialos, Paranga, Paradise, Super Paradise, Agrari and Elia. Boats leaves from Ornos at 10:00AM and every hour till 13:00PM.

The price for a return ticket to one beach is 10€ while an all-day pass to all the beaches costs 20€. Boat services can be some times canceled due to strong wind. But with the exception of Super Paradise, all of these beaches can be reached by bus from Mykonos Town as well.

Getting around Mykonos by car or motorbike

Getting around Mykonos by car

By public transport, it is easy to get to all the southern beaches, which happen also to be the nicest beaches. Renting a motorbike or a car is the way to go if you want to explore the rest of the island, especially the more remote beaches on the north coast. Motorbike and car rentals are readily available around the island.

In Mykonos Town the highest concentration of rent a car – motorbike agencies is in and around the area of the southern bus station, where you will find a wide range of choices. The other area of Mykonos Town with rent a car – motorbike agencies is near to the old port, behind the Archaeological Museum.

If you rent a car be aware that you will face too much traffic and parking problems, especially in high season. There are parking areas on the outskirts of town, but during peak season finding a parking space is usually a challenge. You can always try the huge public parking area next to the old port.

Considering Mykonos is a very small island, renting a bike might be a better choice! Unless you are planning to stay far out of town and from beaches. Bikes are cheap to rent and you can park them almost anywhere from a car. Anyway if you have decided to rent a car and are arriving at Mykonos airport keep in mind that there are a lot of car rental companies at the airport.

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