Mykonos Windmills

An iconic sight of Mykonos island.

The famous Mykonos windmills (also referred and as Kato Mili) can be seen from every point of the Town of Mykonos, the island’s capital, which is frequently called “Chora” (which translates to “Country” in Greek, but refers to an island’s “Town”) on Greek islands.

The multi-photographed Mykonos windmills are found south of Chora. Situated in between the picturesque Alefkandra and Neochori areas, standing on a hill overlooking the sea and the famous Little Venice area. Most windmills face towards the North where the island’s climate sources its strongest winds over the largest part of the year.

There are currently 16 windmills on Mykonos of which seven are also positioned on the famous landmark hill in Chora. Most of them were built between the 15th and the 16th century, but construction continued also from the late 18th century into the early 20th century. They were primarily used to mill wheat mostly by wealthy families, while many windmills also belonged to the monasteries of the island.

The “Yiora’s Bakery”, in Neochori, with its wood-burning oven, is still a working example of the bakeries of past times.

They were an important source of income for the local population. Their use gradually dropped until they ceased production in the middle of the 20th century.

Their architecture is quite similar as they all have a round shape, white color and a pointed roof and very small windows. Such windmills are found in almost all Cyclades islands. One of these windmills has been also transformed into a museum (Boni’s Windmill).

The whole village of Chora and part of the harbour are visible from this point.

Windmills of Kato Mili, Mykonos, Greece
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