Caprice of Mykonos

Full-on party mode!

Caprice Mykonos Bar is perched on the seafront of Little Venice with a stunning view of the Aegean Sunset.

Initiation to pleasure, a living legend, for more than 30 years and every night, from the famous sunset till the brilliant sunrise, Caprice of Mykonos Bar is the perfect party destination. It is an incredible ambience in a landscape of extraordinary beauty, the must place to be and even more, the awesome way to entertainment.

The breezy, waterfront lounge is within 5-feet of the sea and even offers the occasional splash from crashing waves. It is quite cozy and gets very crowded around midnight. Cherished by international celebrities Caprice of Mykonos has become the favorite haunt of showbiz stars, artists and jet setters of all times.

When the sun goes down and till the morning after, night after night, spirits get loud and louder. The Party Buckets appear to indulge all the guests to the night vibes. The famous signature Caprice cocktails go round decorated with genuine fruit sticks whereas the shots, made of local and exotic fresh fruit, are served in the most imaginative trays loaded with fresh ice.

Caprice Mykonos is renowned romantic and enchanting bar with fabulous cocktails and good music. Evenings are club-crowded and are a real party time experience.

It is the place that when you leave, you are going to feel that you must come back.

Little Venice, Mykonos, Greece
Mikonos 846 00
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