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Set Sail Mykonos offers you exclusive sailing trips to Delos & Rhenia islands and also to the South coast beaches of Mykonos.

The Set Sail team is highly qualified, with years of experience in the Greek waters. Over the last decades, our business offers yacht chartering and also various sailing trips. Furthermore our sailing school in Athens certifies the skippers of tomorrow with an Open Water Sailing Certification.

After taking part in numerous yacht races and endless recreational sailing trips, we decided to share this unique experience of sailing with everyone. Having settled in Mykonos, we want to introduce you to the astonishingly clear, glittering waters, salty breeze and sandy beaches. All this while you enjoy the magical experience of sailing.

Set sail to Delos & Rhenia islands, one of the most popular sailing trips! This trip combines a relaxing cruise to the majestic beaches of Rhenia along with a visit to Delos, the birth place of Apollo!

If you feel like just escaping the crowded beaches of Mykonos, by doing nothing we’ve got you covered as well! Come for some laid-back pampering on the 8-hour yacht cruise to the uninhabited island of Rhenia. Enjoy a full day of swimming, exploring and also sunbathing.

Another popular sailing trip if you rather want to socialize, is the southern beach hopping! Set sail for the popular southern beaches of Mykonos and start making new friends at the famous beach bars!

If you do not want to spend the whole day on board, the sunset cruise is the perfect option to end your day in Mykonos. Set sail towards the horizon, with a glass of wine in hand! Watch the sun dipping into the water, as the blue sky transforms into hues of orange and red.

Whatever your mood or style is, prepare yourselves for one of the best experiences you will have in this magical island!

Treat yourself with an unforgettable experience by joining Set Sail Mykonos in one of our cruises. Enjoy the clear blue waters of the Aegean Sea from another perspective! Make memories and share them with your friends and family.

Tourlos area, Mykonos, Greece
Tourlos 846 00
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