Evening Delos Tour

Visit Delos under the evening light!

Step back in time with the guided Delos evening tour and discover the ancient history of the birthplace of Apollo.

Sail across the Aegean Sea from Mykonos and visit the uninhabited island of Delos to explore the most sacred of all the Greek islands from ancient times.

The meeting is half an hour before the departure at the Delos pier at the ticket booth.

After a short 30min boat ride to Delos island, you will meet there your tour guide and history expert.

You will have a 2-hour walking tour through the ancient ruins, with plenty of information about the history of Greek mythology.

You have 1-hour of free time on the island to explore the site after you return to Mykonos by boat again.

The ancient island of Delos is a very extensive and rich archaeological site that combines ancient art, history, and architecture with a unique location in the center of the Greek Cycladic islands.

Since 1990 it is a Unesco World Heritage site. This sacred island of the ancient Greek world was the birthplace of Apollo – the god of the sun and daylight, and his twin sister Artemis – the goddess of the moon and the night light.

Delos was an important cosmopolitan Hellenistic settlement and after its declaration as a free port became a center point of commercial activity in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Rich merchants and ship owners assigned artists and craftsmen to build luxurious houses richly decorated with frescoes and mosaic floors of outstanding beauty.

Departure : Every Evening (Check hours here)
Meeting point: Delos Pier – Old Port
Cost per person: 65.00€
Children 6-12 years: 30.00€
Under 6 years: free of charge

Reserve your spot on the guided Delos evening tour from Mykonos, and uncover the myths and legends of ancient Greece!

*Tour operates from 02/05/2024 till 31/10/2024.

Old Port, Mykonos, Greece
Mikonos 846 00
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