Jet Ski Mykonos

The Ultimate Jet Ski Experience!

Experience the thrill of flying across the waves on a powerful jet ski in Super Paradise Beach Mykonos!

Jet Ski, one of the most popular water sports, promises to give you the most thrilling experience on the water, combining speed, sun, and sea!

Super Paradise Water Sports provides the most fun getaway for watersports lovers! The sapphire crystalline waters of the Aegean Sea and the beach’s golden stands of sand, create the perfect setting for aquatic adventures and exciting watersports holidays. The state-of-the-art facilities of Super Paradise Water Sports invite you to participate in super fun activities in the sea and create the best memories with your friends!

You can choose between a 110 hp or a 180 hp Jet Ski along with one more passenger you can experience the dreamlike Super Paradise Beach with crystal clear turquoise waters!

Since safety always comes firsts, the experienced instructors and teachers of Super Paradise Water Sports will provide you with all you info and instructions you need to know to enjoy a unique experience! Wearing a life jacket is mandatory and provided by the Team.

Your personal items with be held safely in a personal locker with a key while you are on the water.

Since no boating license is required and no previous experience is needed, this lifetime Jet Ski at Super Paradise Beach Mykonos experience is an activity for everyone!

Duration: 10 minutes
BOOK NOW Jet Ski 110 hp: from 50.00€
BOOK NOW Jet Ski 180 hp: from 70.00€

*Super Paradise Water Sports operates from 27/04/2023 till 30/09/2023.

Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos, Greece
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