Passo Doble

One of the best bars in Town!

Passo Doble Bar serves the best cocktails in Mykonos Town! Always carefully made with fresh fruits and according to the most accurate and authentic recipes.

Located at the very center of the Mykonian Chora, it is a tiny, cute and cozy place that has won many regulars and loyal guests. Since 2005 this place keeps stealing the hearts of many of the island’s visitors every summer.

Apart from offering the finest cocktails that can be found in Mykonos, Passo Doble’s other main attractions are undoubtedly its great music choices and its friendly, polite and extremely helpful personnel, that instantly makes everyone who joins the bar feel like home.

Its exceptional cocktail list is created with the concept of traveling your tastebuds to different places on the planet, and includes both classic and new signature cocktails that will surely become your summer favorites. Passo Doble’s talented bartenders are always making each cocktail in the proper way and by using only fresh fruits and organic syrups, in order to bring out its most authentic flavor.

Its wine and spirits cellar is very up-to-date and features some really hard to find and premium labels, offering you a wide variety of drinks to choose from.

During the mornings, Passo Doble is the perfect place to relax from the bustle of shopping and enjoy an excellent aromatic coffee, a fresh juice, a delicious snack or a yummy tortilla while watching the glamorous celebrities that have visited the island pass by.

In the evenings it is an ideal spot to taste a delightful apperitivo drink, and during the nights it is one of the best bars in Mykonos to dance and enjoy refreshing drinks and incredible cocktails in the most lively, fun and chilling atmosphere.

Enoplon Dinameon, Mykonos, Greece
Mikonos 846 00
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