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Enjoy your day on a yacht!

We arrange your luxury yacht rental in Mykonos island, exactly the way you wish it to be.

Charter a private yacht for a day or multiday cruise and enjoy the very best of Mykonos, Santorini, and the rest of the Cyclades islands from the safety and comfort of your own boat.

Come aboard and explore the famous beaches of Mykonos, comfortably gazing at the mesmerizing crystalline waters of the Aegean. Hidden gems, secluded beaches of silky sand, and watery oases are waiting for you to discover in every destination! Dive in the refreshing waters, admire the rich sea bed and also engage in water sports or just enjoy the stunning view!

There are high-quality services in private yachting, which will help you fully tailor your journey out in the sea.

Take your friends or family on an experience they will never forget. Cruise across the Aegean and schedule wonderful activities and experiences onboard. Beach hopping, fishing, snorkeling, or a candlelight dinner at sunset! You can even hold a great party lasting all night long! And those are just a few of the ideas that might be perfect for you and also your precious company.

Holidays are meant to be fun and hence you need the ideal vessel to have fun and also stand out. What could be more ideal than a private yacht, all to yourself?

Our carefully selected fleet of yachts is the perfect option for any selective guest, who is looking for a unique experience during their vacation in the Greek islands!

Contact us now with your dates, occasion, number of guests, and budget, and our team will offer you the best option for your luxury yacht rental in Mykonos!

Platis Gialos, Mykonos, Greece
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