Super Paradise Club

Beach clubbing at its best!

Super Paradise Beach Club has made quite a reputation for itself as a place to party on the most alternative beach in Mykonos!

Virtually void of hotels, the exclusivity of Super Paradise beach has made it a favorite spot for Mykonos visitors Since 1971.

Super Paradise is reborn and enters a new era of partying, connecting with each other and enjoying life, charged with the special energy that this beautiful beach in Mykonos has been radiating for over fifty years.

Step into a world of effortless comfort, where Mykonian aesthetics make you feel like in your bohemian chill-out and yet upbeat cosmos. A place where guests from around the world become co-travellers in the journey of authentic most-modern bohemian fun, partying moments, relaxation, and pampering with mouth-watering food options, sensational wines and creative cocktails.

Sunbeds and umbrellas are available for rent and for those seeking direct contact with the golden sand, there is space for being able to stretch out your towel. On occasion, you might even spot a celebrity, in the crowd relaxing or dancing next to you.

Super Paradise Beach Club is for everyone who wants to have fun in the sun, meet a great mix of personalities and bodies enjoying the vibes of the beach while worshiping the sun.

Unwind in a relaxed atmosphere early in the day, and get yourselves ready to party as time passes by. In mid-afternoon, the music gets louder and the beach becomes quite “the scene”.

Whether dancing on the platforms around the pool or enjoying a cocktail under the trees, enjoy your selves in the hottest beach club of Mykonos.

Super Paradise beach, Mykonos, Greece
Mikonos 846 00
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