Mykonos Old Town Tour

Explore the world famous Mykonos town!

Afternoon walking tour in Mykonos Old Town!

Walk around the cobblestone alleys in the unique Mykonian afternoon light, and get the lowdown on local life, both old and contemporary!

Afternoon Stroll in Mykonos Town takes you around the famous labyrinth as the bustling town gets ready for another of its world-famous nights.

The quintessential Mykonian experience is to grab a drink to go and just immerse yourself in the unique cosmopolitan atmosphere while admiring the historic landmarks of the town such as Paraportiani church and the Windmills. Your guide will initiate you into the history, secrets, and quirks of the island, and show you what makes Mykonos the renowned island that it is.

The tour will end in the famed Little Venice, where you can choose to continue exploring the streets of the town on your own or pick one of the many seaside bars and enjoy the stunning sunset.

This tour will give you a glimpse of the world-famous Mykonos town, its history, traditions, and everyday life, as well as inside info on bars and restaurants, and let you experience firsthand why Mykonos is the iconic place that it has been for so many decades.

Explore the most famous streets in Mykonos Town, discover hidden spots, and admire the picturesque white houses on this afternoon sightseeing tour!

Available for Summer 2021 ONLY on Private Basis

Old Port, Mykonos, Greece
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