Beechcraft King Air

Twin-engine Turboprop Airplane

Beechcraft King Air C90B is a Twin-engine Turboprop fixed-wing private airplane available for Rental from Mykonos, Athens, and Santorini.

This aircraft is equipped with two Pratt & Whitney PT6A-21 engines and five-blade Propellers.

It is regarded to be the most cost-efficient pressurized turboprop for low to mid-distance missions, even though its maximum range is 940 nm (app. 1,700km ), meaning that you can fly all over Greece without any stop for a refill!

With a maximum speed of 250kn at the max altitude of 30,000 feet, Beechcraft King Air C90B can guarantee a fast and pleasant flight.

Its five-blade propellers downgrade the level of internal noise by 30%, providing

Beechcraft King Air C90B is a glass cockpit aircraft armed with the latest technologies of communication and Navigation equipment for IFR (day and night) missions.

Its short runway capabilities make it ideal for small airports that Jet aircraft can not land, such as Paros or Naxos Airports.

Beechcraft King Air C90B is used either to cover distances that exceed helicopters’ capabilities and/or cost efficiency or for Night Operations.

This airplane with an aerodynamically streamlined design and its two engines can take you anywhere with safety, speed, and comfort.

A leather cabin, which can accommodate up to 5 people, has a luxury interior with reclining seats and table amenities, combined with an adequate selling high provide a comfortable and smooth flight.

This Beechcraft King Air C90B is one of the best choices for private plane rental in Mykonos, Santorini, and Athens Greece.

Manufacturer Beechcraft King Air
Model C90
Type Twin Engine Turbo Prop
Category Light Turbo Prop
Seating Capacity 5
Cruise Speed 419 km/h
Max Speed 504 km/h
Range 1260 nm (2334 km)

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International Airport, Mykonos, Greece
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