Wheelchair-accessible Mykonos beaches!

Beach access for wheelchair users is a fact!

More or less everybody knew that Mykonos, as the rest of the Cyclades islands, was certainly not recommended for people in wheelchairs! This status changes as Agia Anna beach in Mykonos Town becomes one of the three wheelchair-accessible Mykonos beaches!

Wheelchair-accessible Mykonos beaches!

Despite the uneven paved streets and the hundreds of steps in and around Mykonos Town, the topography of the island is so rocky and steep making the holiday for anyone who is dependent upon a wheelchair a very unpleasant experience!

The last couple of years improvements are being made, and although there are still a lot of thing to do, the municipality of Mykonos seems to be on the right path!

Yesterday a construction crew in Agia Anna beach of Mykonos Town has build the second sea access ramp for bathers with disabilities that leads them directly from the sand into the water!

Wheelchair-accessible Mykonos beaches

Yes, it really is as epic as it sounds! You can roll right into the sea for a total immersion experience!

Wheelchair-accessible Mykonos beaches!

The first wheelchair accessible beach in Mykonos was Kalafatis while the third beach with wheelchair sea accessibility is going to be Kalo Livadi!

Using these infrastructures all disabled travellers can now easily enjoy the fun and therapeutic wellness of the famous Greek sea!

Wheelchairs and sand are never going to be the best of friends but with the amazing developments in mobility technology and with the right support from the local authorities everything can be possible!

(Photos and video from Dimitris Koutsoukos)

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